3 of the Best Gifts For New Parents

Finding the right gift for a new parent can be a challenge. Aside from wanting to give them something great, an item that they will cherish (if gift-giving was a competition, we’d want to win), it can also be hard to find something that fits their parenting style. Add in the need to complement what they already own, and you’ve got a mammoth task ahead of you. It’s a task made all the more difficult by the sheer volume of baby products out there - many of which are totally unnecessary for a baby’s first year. Don’t give up though, because when you get it right, it’s truly special.

Reflecting on our own experience as parents, as well as those of our friends and customers, we have a good insight into the types of gifts that people come back to, time and time again. So here they are: our top recommendations for gifts new parents will love (and actually use - win!). 

Personalised Baby Blanket

Baby blankets are a dime a dozen these days, and with so many poor quality synthetic products flooding the market, it’s hard to find something that’s worth the price tag. Our recommendation? Opt for high quality organic fabrics, and products made especially for delicate baby skin. These were the qualities that inspired the design and creation of our own Isaac Anthony personalised baby blankets, which are made from GOTS certified organic cotton, and feel soft and snuggly, against even the most sensitive skin.

The best part? Most parents buy one, maybe two. As any seasoned parent will tell you though, you need blankets everywhere. Sofa, pram, car seat, at the grandparents, to  name a few. This is one reason they make such a wonderful gift - you can never have too many! Take it one step further and turn your gift into a precious keepsake, embroidering the blanket with the new baby’s name or initials, creating an item that will be well loved and stand the test of time.

Luxury Baby Gift Set

Bringing together a good selection of newborn essentials, as well as personalised keepsakes, luxury baby gift sets bring new and expecting parents an assortment of stunning quality items to help get them through those first few weeks with a newborn - from hospital to home and beyond. The perfect combination of function and fashion, you can’t go wrong with some classic yet snuggly sleepsuits, essential bibs, and luxury baby blankets.

A Helping Hand

The perfect gift for a new parent doesn’t have to be especially extravagant and, if you were to ask any new parent what they most want in the world, we’d be willing to bet the majority will say they want more time to get to know their new little one. Anything that can help remove some of the pressure that comes with parenthood, like helping with chores or giving new parents time to relax, will be appreciated more than you might realise. And there’s a lot you can offer! Even something as simple as a home cooked meal in those early weeks could make all the difference for tired new parents, allowing them to relax for an evening and simply enjoy being together.

Our Selection

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3 of the Best Gifts For New Parents