6 Reasons Why Personalised Products Are a Hit with Mums

6 Reasons Why Personalised Products Are a Hit with Mums

Choosing a new item of clothing for your little one is a fun shopping experience and, among each of the super-soft and adorable outfits you’ll browse, there are a few additional extras that can make your purchase extra special. One of the most popular, certainly in our own experience, is the personalisation of baby clothes. With most of our Isaac Anthony products, we offer the extra service of having an embroidered personalisation, whether initials or a name, added to the item in a choice of fonts and colours.

It’s a service we love to offer, embroidering each letter ourselves in-house. Then, we wait to see each parent share their happiness with an item of clothing made even more special and personal for their little one. There are a number of reasons why this small embellishment can make such a significant difference to every purchase. Here are some of our favourites.

Create a Treasure

Baby clothing collects memories, reminding parents of certain events and periods in their child’s life. It’s easy to understand why many parents keep these individual items safe long after their little one has grown up. Adding even a simple personalisation to a garment helps to elevate each item, transforming it into a unique treasure.

Add Decadence 

Personalised baby clothing is an indulgent luxury, similar to a monogrammed robe or a tailored suit. Embellishing your little one’s outfits with high-quality custom stitching is sure to help them stand-out with a distinguished style. 

A Considered Gift

When giving a gift to someone, especially if they are a new or expecting parent, adding personalisation is an extra step that demonstrates your consideration. They will then be receiving not only luxurious garments, like a hooded jogger set, but one that is distinctly theirs, making it a gift to remember.

Distinguish From Others

There are also many practical benefits to personalised baby clothing too, with one of the most common being that it helps parents to distinguish items clothing from others. When attending social gatherings or visiting friends’ homes, you will be eliminating the possibility of leaving behind items, unsure of who they belong to!

Express Personality

We offer our personalised embroidery services in a number of styles, with four different fonts and seven different colours. These designs can help to express your little one’s personality, adding a bold, refined white, a vibrant pink, or an elegant gold letter to their daily outfit.

Complement Siblings

If your little one has some company, adding an embroidered flair not only helps to distinguish their clothing from siblings but it can even be a way to stylishly complement one another. Aesthetic motifs can make for fun outfit designs that work in tandem.

Our Embroidery

We offer personalised embroidery services with most of our baby garments, each of which can be added with only a few clicks.. To find out which baby clothing items can be customised, simply browse the Isaac Anthony website and follow the guidelines on the product page.

For more information about our personalisation services, or to find out more about our creative process, follow us on Instagram at @IsaacAnthonyOfficial or, alternatively, email us directly at hello@isaac-anthony.co.uk.

6 Reasons Why Personalised Products Are a Hit with Mums