7 Tips for Travelling With Kids

After more than a year of limitations placed upon socialising and travel, we can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. Now, borders are opening and restrictions easing, with hotels, flights, and activities following soon afterwards. If you’re aching to visit family abroad, or get some much needed sun - you aren’t alone! With vaccinations quickly becoming “a thing”, holiday bookings are back on the agenda for summer.

You might be feeling a little rusty in your travel preparation - it’s okay, we’ve all been inside for 18 months. No judgies. To help you get back into the swing of things, we’ve put together a quick and easy guide, sharing our top 7 tips for travelling with little ones. 

Keep Things Flexible

Your first holiday in over a year probably has you keen to tick all the boxes: places to go, delicious food to eat, and things to do. However, children. Before you get too carried away planning all the things, keep some room for flexibility. You’ll find it a lot easier to handle toddler mood swings and unexpected late mornings if you haven’t packed a full itinerary of activities every day. Pick one or two things to do each day, and be prepared to switch them around if things change (which they will, because again, children). Remember, the most important part of any trip is that you and your family are happy.

Plan For A Rainy Day

Say it with us: prepare a plan B. Thank us later. Backup plans for a rainy day (or several rainy days, if you’re staying in the U.K.) are a must have for families. Even if your backup plan is to put wellies and rain jackets on for puddle jumping, it’s good to keep a few ideas in your back pocket. You know, just in case. It couldn’t hurt to hunt down a few indoor activities and child-friendly venues in your destination, to make sure poor weather doesn’t get the better of you.

Pack (Relatively) Light

Ensuring you have all essentials for your little ones is a challenge and, while you wouldn’t want to find yourself without them, certain versatile products can be extremely helpful. Muslin blankets cover a multitude of uses and are basically the holy grail of baby products - we use them for everything. Don’t forget the outfits - remember bedtime (our organic cotton pyjamas for kids will help you out here), and clothes for activities (like swimming) as they’re easily forgotten, and of course, something to keep the kids entertained in transit. 

Always Bring Snacks

Snacks are, for toddlers and small children, a saving grace. Hunger causes tantrums in the most inconvenient of places, and sometimes when it all gets a bit much for an overstimulated little one, having a favourite treat on hand can be a life (and holiday) saving distraction. Especially if you need to keep them seated on a plane. Muesli bar, anyone?

Make It Child-Friendly

As hard as it is to skip past the blissful adult-looking spa hotels, it’s worth it to see the looks on your little ones faces when you turn up at a hotel that caters for families. Kids club, play parks, in-resort water parks, fun rooms - when the kids are relaxed and happy, guess what? You’re relaxed and happy. Everyone wins. 

Bedtime Rules

On holiday, routines frequently go out the window. And that’s fine! There is however, one routine we’ve found it’s worth sticking to - and that’s the bedtime routine. Even if it’s a little later than usual, sticking to the same routine as at home provides that little extra stability. Whether it’s bath, book, bed, or some variation on it - you’d be surprised how little a holiday disrupts their sleep patterns when you can stick to this one rule. You might even find that with the new sights and sounds, they sleep even better than at home. Win!

For the Entire Family

While the architecture and art of Europe may fascinate you, it is unlikely to entertain your children for very long. That’s not to say you need to cross them off your checklist, but try to organise your holiday with everyone in mind. We like this idea: something for everyone, every day. It typically goes that everyone has fun - or no one!

7 Tips for Travelling With Kids