9 Ways to Work With Muslin Blankets

If you’re looking for a baby product that combines comfort and utility, the muslin blanket wins every time. We’re obsessed. It’s not just about the gorgeous prints (though they definitely make things more fun), - it’s about the function. Every time we think we’ve found all the possible uses for them, we stumble across yet another genius tip from an amazing parent, and end up adding it to our list. There really is no end to the ways you can use them. In spite of this, we often find new parents wondering: what are muslin blankets used for? 

So, here we’re rounding up some of our favourite ways to work the humble muslin blanket. (If you end up buying a whole heap more after this, no judgies.) 

The All-In-One Face Wiper

Wiping your newborn’s face is a never-ending task, with dribble ready to appear the moment you turn your back (like a ninja, except with drool). Don’t make the rookie mistake of thinking you can manage this with tissues. It’s not worth it! Tissues not only create waste, but can also dry your little one’s skin out quite easily. A muslin blanket is your friend here, for a sustainable face wiper that will be much kinder to your baby’s skin.

A Moment in the Sun

We all know how temperamental the British climate can be. One moment you’re packing an extra jumper, the next, you’re regretting not bringing sunglasses, too. Keeping your little one safe in the sunshine is important and, should you get caught on a bright day, simply unfold your muslin blanket to create a quick sunshade. You’re nailing this parenting thing. 

A Perfect Swaddle

Swaddling is one of those things you don’t think you’ll need, until you try it and wonder what on earth you’ve been doing all this time without it. It’s cosy for babies, simple to do, and a muslin blanket is the ideal garment to use. They help babies feel secure and warm while staying breathable, especially when they’re certified organic cotton like ours!

Snuggle Partner

Babies often need a snuggle buddy, and a muslin blanket can be the ideal item for your little one to grab, pull, and cuddle up with. Stay safe by supervising, and rest easy knowing our organic fabric is kind against their delicate skin.

Instant Peekaboo

We’re still waiting for invisibility cloaks to become a thing, but, while we wait, a muslin blanket will work all the same. So, if you find yourself stranded without toys or out of ideas, simply take out your muslin blanket and use it to disappear!

The Ultimate Bib

Out somewhere and forgot the bibs? Not to worry! It’s a bit of a given that messiness and little ones go hand in hand. However, those first food moments can be more mess than you’re expecting. Instead of hoping for the best, make use of the muslin - we’ve saved more than a few outfits from stains!

Emergency Changing Mat

Finding yourself without toys or a bib is bad but certainly not worse than being without a changing mat. Thankfully, this is another excuse for the muslin blanket to shine, catching any problematic stains while giving your baby a comfortable surface to lay on.

Quick Comfort

The choice to cover or not during nursing is 100% personal. While we’re firmly team “fed is best”, if you prefer a cover while nursing, a muslin provides easy, on-hand, and (most importantly) breathable coverage for your little one’s comfort.

A Place to Play

Not all surfaces are created equal - especially when you’ve got a baby who discovers the world with their mouth. By spreading out a muslin blanket, you can create a soft surface for your little one to comfortably enjoy some tummy time.

9 Ways to Work With Muslin Blankets