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The Story Behind Our Business

Last year, Greta Thunberg was named Person of the Year after her diligent work prompted international campaigns raising awareness on the subject of climate change and, since then, our planet’s environment has been an essential conversation. Uber have pledged to only offer electric rides, Google is becoming carbon neutral, and David Attenborough has joined Instagram to better spread the message; the world as we know it is changing, and it’s taking the necessary steps toward sustainability. 

Historically, and for the majority of us, ethical choices haven’t been a part of the shopping experience. We have purchased the items we want trusting that businesses are doing their part, assuming that there’s no significant cost to the planet. However, as we are all now learning, this has not been the case. Organic products have been a minority on the shelves, labels have been proven misleading, and prices have become lower at the cost of a healthy environment. As a result, customers are now taking on the burden of responsibility themselves and are showing businesses exactly the type of sustainable and ethical products they want.

These ethical standards were a huge motivation for us, one that we experienced personally when trying to source clothing for our own children, and since the creation of Isaac Anthony, it has led us to ensure that all material in our products is organic. We choose and source from suppliers who are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, an organisation who work internationally to assure the best standards of ecology and working conditions within the production of raw materials. This means that by supporting our products you are joining us in advocating for the support of worldwide sustainability and fair-trade employment.

Organic materials also have benefits beyond sustainability; they’re better for our skin, and far more so than alternative materials. Parents will know, a young child’s skin is prone to sensitivity because the protective qualities found in an adult’s skin remain undeveloped, meaning it’s especially important to find the best quality clothing for your child’s comfort and health. A newborn’s skin is also thinner and it’s important to protect it from unnecessary harm, like the chemicals used and found in synthetic clothing material.

So, when we started Isaac Anthony in creative and industrious Manchester, we knew this would be a fundamental part of our business.

While seeking to resolve these issues and create the type of high-quality clothing that we, as parents, wanted to buy, we also wanted them to look great. This is why luxury is at the centre of each item we make, whether it’s a sweater or swaddle, and we are constantly working on new designs with each seasonal range, striving for modern and refined styles. There are also personalisation options for each item available from our in-house embroidery, adding initials and names in various fonts and colours.

Our clothing is made for the children up to the age of four-years-old, with three premature sizes also available.

We’re an independent business (quite literally family-run!) and this ultimately motivates us into working extremely hard with our products and service. Isaac Anthony was created to be the company we wanted as new parents, and we strive to give each customer a personal and considered experience.

To learn more about who we are and the work that we do, you can follow our updates at @IsaacAnthonyOfficial. 

About Us