Baby Products For Sensitive Skin

At Isaac Anthony, we’ve spoken quite extensively about the sensitivity of children’s skin. It’s one of the main driving forces behind our brand, and has been a priority for us to source and use GOTS certified organic cotton in our baby clothing, for the greater comfort and safety it offers little ones. 

It’s widely known that babies have more sensitive skin than adults. Not only that, but they’re also more susceptible than adults to environmental and seasonal skin sensitivity. With 20% of children in the UK affected by eczema, it’s important for parents to understand how to recognise and support sensitive skin issues throughout childhood. We know all too well how intimidating it is at first, but there are some simple household and lifestyle changes parents can make to help make life much more comfortable for little ones with sensitive skin.

Laundry Detergent 

There are so many things that can cause dry skin and dermatitis to flare up, but one of the most overlooked is laundry detergent. As new parents will quickly learn, babies can easily go through 3-4 outfits a day, and stains become part and parcel of the whole laundry cycle (more than you’d expect). In desperation to get them out, you might be tempted to use intensive detergents to avoid a situation where you need to throw the whole outfit away. The chemicals needed to get such clean clothing, however, can be quite harsh on a little one’s skin.

Before you do your next laundry cycle, check the ingredients of your washing powder and, if you have any concerns at all, seek out a more child-friendly brand. Look for non-bio detergent, with no fragrance, SLS, dyes, or enzymes.

Cleaning Products

Surface and spray cleaners are a big one. While they may not seem like a big deal, they’re sprayed through the air, all over food counters, on the floor - basically, everywhere little ones touch. If your little one suffers from skin problems, these may be the culprit. Unfortunately, as with detergent, it is our concern for our children (and the mess they make!) that leads parents to clean thoroughly. However, if the products we use are not designed with sensitive skin in mind, they can be one of the common causes behind rashes and dry skin.

Look for gentle cleaning products labelled safe for skin, and if all else fails, a vinegar and/or baking soda based cleaner can work wonders on stubborn surface stains!

GOTS Certified Organic Fabric

The accreditation by which we hold our own clothing, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), is the same that we recommend to all parents. GOTS certified organic cotton is not only fantastic for its environmental sustainability and human rights values, but it also ensures clothing remains free of harmful chemicals, dyes and pollutants that can irritate children’s skin.

Additionally, GOTS certified organic cotton is indicative of a higher quality fabric, which is more breathable when worn, enabling children to feel more comfortable even on warmer days.

Skincare Products

When our children experience discomfort and other problems associated with dry skin, our first instinct is often to seek out skincare products as a remedy. This can be problematic not only because certain products contain irritants but also because soaps potentially remove natural oils from the skin and leave them to become even drier. 

Gentle cleansers should be used during regular bathing sessions, ideally followed by a rich, unfragranced moisturiser. Then, on sunnier days, be sure to give your little one a protective layer of sunscreen. Beyond this basic routine, additional items should be added only when certain of their benefits and only with initial, cautious use.

Baby Products For Sensitive Skin