Best Baby Shower Gifts For Eco-Conscious Parents

As our landscapes and climate undergo significant changes, sustainability and our individual environmental impact are becoming a regular topic of conversation. It’s not about huge gestures to try and offset a certain lifestyle - it’s about daily, small changes, to help leave a better world for future generations. 

Thankfully, more companies are responding to demand, and there is now a greater and more widely available selection of eco-friendly products for children and parents to enjoy. Sustainable manufacturing methods and reusable products are appearing more frequently, as is organic clothing, like our own Isaac Anthony childrenswear, all of which help make it easier to live a more sustainable life. 

With children comes a whole host of gifting occasions, and while it can be difficult to know what to give, these days eco-conscious parents are looking for alternatives to help cut down on plastic toys and gifts. If you’re looking to find such a baby shower gift that an expectant, eco-conscious parent will relish, there’s plenty to choose from, and we’ve put together a guide of our favourites!

Organic Bath Products

We can’t count the number of hours we’ve lost trying to decipher ingredient lists on baby products. As important for skincare as as it is for the environment, the lotions and potions we use to bathe our little ones’ in should be suitable for their skin, given how sensitive it is. Organic lotions can be on the higher priced end, which means they make a wonderful baby shower gift, as there’s so much to buy for a new arrival. Organic, earth-friendly brands will help make bathtime a joy (while being kind to the planet), and might just be something a parent enjoys using as much as their child!


Organic Sleepsuits and Bodysuits

Sourcing organic clothing for children, especially those that support their comfort and sleep through the night, is becoming more important than ever, as more parents learn about sustainable farming and harmful manufacturing processes. Sleepsuits and bodysuits are great in terms of both functionality and design and, if they are made with organic materials and natural fibres, they will last longer and be much more comfortable.

Personalised Baby Blanket

A high-quality blanket is an amazing gift because they’re so useful, you can never have too many of them, and they make a wonderful keepsake when a little one grows up. Perfect for baby showers, gifts from grandparents and other loved ones, and as part of a bundle.  At Isaac Anthony, we help to make this even more special by offering personalised embroidery services for each of our blankets, with a selection of 4 beautiful fonts to choose from.

Baby Gift Set

Choosing the right gift for a new parent can be tricky. It’s difficult to know what they might already have and what others might bring to the baby shower - you don’t want to double (or triple) up. Gift sets, like our own Signature Gift Set with Luxury Gift Box, can be the ideal solution, not only ensuring that there’s everything a new parent could want, but also that each item is high quality and suitable for all skin types. And, because we use GOTS certified organic cotton for all of our clothing, there’s an added environmental feel-good factor too.

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Best Baby Shower Gifts For Eco-Conscious Parents