Best Outdoor Buys For Little Adventurers

After weeks of bathing in warmth (sometimes too much warmth, depending on where you’ve been) and enjoying the extended daylight, we’re now beginning to wind down toward the end of summer. However, before we welcome the autumnal chill and crisp brown leaves, there’s still some time to make the most of the mid-year sunshine. To make sure your little ones are able to enjoy the rest of summer to its fullest extent, we’ve put together a guide on the best outdoor basics every parent should have.

Chino Shorts

Summer is the season for outdoor play. It’s warm and dry, and perfect for getting your children out and about. Naturally inquisitive, little ones are born adventurers! To help them on their way,  seasonal clothing (from the cosy to the smart) should be robust and ready for action. Our new chino shorts are ideal and have been designed with playtime in mind.

They’re made with breathable organic cotton, making them comfortable to wear no matter the temperature, and have been styled with our signature elegant simplicity so that they’re perfect for every occasion.

Polo T-Shirts

Speaking of comfort, for your little one to feel totally comfortable on those hotter days, you’ll want to make sure they’re not only wearing high-quality organic cotton, but also that their outfit has a relaxed fit so that sensitive skin is able to breathe and remain free from irritation. 

We’ve launched a new range of polo t-shirts designed for summer comfort. Available in three different colours, these shirts are built to last with strong GOTS certified organic cotton that retains its shape and quality through the wash. They’re smart yet sturdy - perfect for summer BBQs, birthday parties, and more.


While the summer days remain warm, it’s all too easy to be caught off-guard by a sudden chill in the evening. Certain areas (especially near the beach and national parks) can be prone to brisk winds that are likely to give your little one a chill, too. To help them keep warm without bringing along an entire wardrobe, it’s worthwhile investing in a cosy blanket. Ours are perfect for the pram or buggy, and for unexpected car snoozes.


Muslins, just like blankets, are great when an extra layer is needed during those cooler summer periods. However, they also have an amazing versatility that makes them a year-round essential for parents. They’re ideal for impromptu shade from the sun, a picnic blanket, to use as a bib, and for playing peekaboo. Plus, if you need a safe play area at the park or beach, they can be spread out on the grass or sand for your little one to treat as a little patch of comfort.

Summer Rompers 

Smart, soft, and crawler-friendly, our new summer rompers are perfect for babies and toddlers during the hotter summer months. These stylish all-in-one pieces are made for smaller adventurers, perfect for extended playtime, as well as an all-round great base layer for cooler evenings. 

What makes them ideal for summer? They’re lightweight, breathable, and have a modern popper design allowing for efficient changes. Looking for personalised baby clothing? You’re in luck - these pieces can be customised with our in-house embroidery machine, allowing you to add initials or your little one’s name.


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Best Outdoor Buys For Little Adventurers