It’s Organic September - Here’s How You Can Take Part

September marks a new month of organic awareness. While the term organic certainly gets thrown around a lot these days, with companies of all sizes offering so-called ‘organic’ items, a large number of people still aren’t sure what organic is, and how it can have a positive impact on our environment. This is the motivation behind Organic September, to not only educate the public on what organic really means, but also to give people a greater understanding of the lasting environmental impact of their purchases.

As a new or expecting parent, you may already find yourself scrutinising product tags trying to figure out whether something is organic or not - it’s not always obvious! A lot of the time, organic is the preferred option when buying for children because organic materials, as well as being more environmentally friendly, are free from harsh chemicals and other irritants that can cause problems for little ones. This is mostly because of their sensitive skin, which is why we ensure all our clothing products are made with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) cotton, right from the very beginning.

There are a number of reasons why this certification is so important. Fundamentally, it ensures that no harmful chemicals are used, either when growing the cotton crops, or manufacturing the fabric. From an environmental perspective, this is an important clarification because if the organic status of a product isn’t assured at every step, as it is with GOTS certification, chemicals can end up polluting water supplies and soil.

In addition to this direct impact, organic certification contributes to a healthier ecosystem in a broader sense. This is because when harmful chemicals are used during the production and manufacturing of clothing, their impact is not only limited to the soil and water they pollute but also end up affecting the biodiversity and wildlife within these landscapes, too. By supporting organic products, you’re supporting the manufacturing and processing behind the product, improving natural environments and lowering the environmental impact of individual purchases.

This is where it gets tricky. Individuals, unfortunately and wrongly, are often overwhelmed with environmental decisions making it easy to feel like the burden of responsibility falls entirely on the customer. This should not be the case. Sustainability isn’t about a small group of individuals living perfectly but, instead, about many individuals living imperfectly. We should each aim to do what we can for the planet, within our own circumstances. Not only does this relieve individuals of unfair pressure but it is essential for influencing others too.

We believe that businesses should lead by example, striving to pave the way for making environmentally conscious decisions. Isaac Anthony was initially inspired by our own search for high-quality childrenswear that was also sustainably made and, when seeing how difficult they were to find, we endeavoured to make our own. Now, we offer a range of GOTS certified organic cotton baby clothes, free from harmful chemicals, and each with our beautiful, signature design.

You can read all about Organic September right here on the Soil Association website. To learn more about our childrenswear products, as well as purchase your own, please visit our online store.

It’s Organic September - Here’s How You Can Take Part