Keeping your little ones in a routine during lockdown

What a year 2020 has been so far! The nation has been on a full-scale lockdown since the 23rd of March, with restrictions only just starting to lift slightly. Here at Isaac Anthony, we know the last few months have been a period of extreme uncertainty and being parents at this time has brought even more challenges, trying to log onto a work zoom call while looking after a screaming toddler or attempting to entertain your three and five-year-olds all day every day has been a challenge we never thought we would have to face.

However, this is also a difficult time for our little ones as this has been a real period of change for them. There’s no school or nursery, no socialising with their friends, no trips to the park, this lockdown has massively impacted their everyday lives.

That’s why it’s important now more than ever to try to keep our children in some sort of daily routine. Sadly, we can’t guarantee that your child won’t start screaming at the exact time your boss calls or the obstacle course you spent 2 hours putting together will be labelled as ‘boring’. However, we have put together our top 3 tips for keeping your little ones in a routine during this crazy time:

1-Timing is everything

So we know this may sound like an obvious one, but you would be surprised how much an extra 10 minutes here and there can impact our children's mindset. Try and ensure that they wake up and go to sleep at the same time every day. Even things like family FaceTime can be worked into the daily routine by ensuring these happen at the same time each day.

2-Let’s take this outside

Something in most children’s daily routines pre lockdown was outside playtime, at school or nursery. Whilst being outside gives them a chance to run around and burn off some steam, it can also help bring a sense of calmness to them. If you are struggling to get them outside, why not incorporate it into a task or game, creating a bug hotel or filling the bird feeder.

3-Location, Location, Location

Sadly we’re not referring to our friends Kirsty and Phil but the importance of location. When you’re home-based, your environment is key, so ensure you have a structured environment or area for at-home learning, for example; doing school work at the dining room table, then keep their bedroom reserved for bedtime and perhaps the living room and garden for play. Adding some simple location structure to a child’s daily routine can go a long way.

Here at Isaac Anthony, we strive to support all parents during this difficult time and we understand that parenthood isn’t a perfect journey but it’s the good days and the bad days that binds us all together. 

Isaac Anthony was founded by the extremely talented Natalie Shore, who named the company after her two sons; Isaac who suffers from eczema and Anthony who after he was born spent some time in NICU. Our aim is to make adorable premature and 0-3 baby clothing that’s high quality, organic and accessible for everyone.
Keeping your little ones in a routine during lockdown