Making a Difference This World Environment Day

It’s no surprise that we’re up against the biggest environmental challenge in history – and it’s getting bigger by the day. With so many disasters and health crises in the media though, headlines about climate change tend to blend in amongst the noise. 

What’s more, statistics can leave us feeling hopeless, wondering how on earth we can make an impact on something as big as climate change. But together, we can.

This is the driving motivation behind #GenerationRestoration this World Environment Day, which brings individuals together to push for widespread change. We don’t need a few people practicing perfect sustainability, we need a lot of people practicing imperfect sustainability – that’s where the real change will come in. A positive, sustainable direction is important not only for our own wellbeing, but to ensure that children and all the generations to follow are given the brightest possible future.

Our Work

At Isaac Anthony, we commit to sustainable practices and ethical trading standards. We take responsibility to ensure that our products, both in their manufacturing and quality, support positive change. We do this via our ongoing commitment to using only Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton in our products. This certification not only ensures certain quality standards are met, but also follows practices that are environmentally and labour friendly, like the prohibition of environmentally hazardous chemicals and fair working conditions. 

GOTS goes far beyond manufacturing and production standards - it begins at the very first stage of the farming process, to ensure safe growing conditions for organic crops. This way, customers who purchase GOTS certified cotton products know that they’re buying the very best, safest organic cotton grown under environmentally friendly conditions (particularly in comparison to the harmful practices normal cotton farming endures). To top it off, these premium ethical standards also ensure that our GOTS certified organic cotton products for little ones are comfortable and safe to wear – bringing you peace of mind.

Small Decisions, Big Changes

Rather than overhauling your life to be more eco-friendly, you can make a greater (more consistent) impact with small, frequent decisions. They’re not difficult, either! Take stock of your daily routines to see areas for improvement. Buying bottled water for the gym? Bring your own. Throwing out half the food in your fridge? Cut down your weekly shop and stick to a list. Small changes like these lead to a reduction of your plastic and food waste, both of which are substantial contributors to environmental degradation.

Make the commitment to support smaller, local and independent businesses in your area. This is key, not only because these businesses have the freedom to apply sustainable standards to their production, but also because you’re giving back to the local community and keeping businesses afloat. Every purchase from a local business ensures a small business owner can put food on the table, pay their bills, and deliver exceptional, truly personal customer service. In short? Where you spend your money matters.

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Making a Difference This World Environment Day