Managing New Motherhood Through a Lockdown

Instead of being able to enjoy the autumnal weather and prepare ourselves for the festive season, we have returned to lockdown, which brings another period of uncertainty along with it.


Being a new mother and weathering a lockdown are two individually stressful challenges. Putting them together is even more difficult! As you try to keep on top of your baby’s routine, remembering your mask and sanitiser, and refreshing to get an appropriate delivery slot for your groceries, stress becomes inevitable. This is why it is crucial to embrace self-care, so that you can fend off such stress, supporting your wellbeing, and enjoying your little one’s first months.


Remember, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. You can’t always avoid it. However, there are ways, small habits, that you can embrace to make motherhood in isolation even a tiny bit easier.


  • Be sure to take every opportunity to spend time outdoors, regularly and safely, whether in the garden or strolling to a nearby park. Enjoying fresh, autumnal air is a great way to relieve stress and clear your mind, which can help you to find your balance again.


  • The challenges we face as a new mum can be overwhelming but starting a routine early with your newborn can make all the difference in this establishing stage. Try to feed and nap at similar times in the day, allowing rests after feeds not only helps with digestion but will help set those sleep associations to understand night and day.


  • Don’t let yourself feel bad about taking the time you need for relaxation. When your baby is resting, put aside those non-essential tasks and allow yourself a break, whether that’s enjoying a relaxing bath or putting your feet up. There’s nothing selfish about self-care.

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Managing New Motherhood Through a Lockdown