Q&A: What it’s really like being a social media influencer and coping with two children during lockdown

Q&A: What it’s really like being a social media influencer and coping with two children during lockdown.

It is safe to say that 2020 has been a difficult one. It is a year that's brought a lot of uncertainty, a lot of change and of course a lot of worry. However, one thing is for certain, it's taught us all about the importance of community, working together and above all else, how technology has the power to create strong connections with people, without even being in the same room, street or even country. 

That’s why for this edition of the Isaac Anthony #RealTalk blog, we decided to catch up with our favourite Italian influencer, Federica @mamma.wellness. With an Instagram following that would be the envy of most big brands (she has over 27,000 followers), her social media and blog is focused all around her motherhood journey, documenting a variety of different topics such as her everyday childcare routine to cooking tips and of course some adorable shots of her little ones! This month she talks to us about everything, from her life as an influencer to how she’s currently coping with her two children during lockdown. 

When did you start using social media and blogging as a platform to share your parenthood journey?

I started using Instagram and sharing my parenthood journey in May 2017. I started writing my blog during these lockdown days, so in March 2020.

You have over 27,000 followers on Instagram, what is it like knowing you have such a big following?

Knowing that you have people who follow you and trust you is a great responsibility when you express your opinion or information: you must be sure information is correct and can give comfort to other moms and set a good example.

What would you say is the best part of your job?

I have always loved to express myself through writing and in this blog, I am delighted to share the life of a mother and her beloved children. Every day I tell the story of our routine, from the purchases and products we use, to travel, goals and difficulties in all sincerity, simplicity and transparency. 

 What do you like about the Isaac Anthony babywear brand?

The Isaac Anthony brand became a key part in my daughter's life. She frequently wore the sleepsuits in the first few months. I especially liked the grey one for everyday wear and the white one for the Christmas holidays.

The clothes are soft and because they're organic, I feel confident in my little one wearing the products. I also really like the simple and gorgeous design that is very sweet and suitable for babies.

Do you have any favourites from the Isaac Anthony clothing range?

I really love the bodysuits and sleepsuits for babies.

How have you found having two children at different ages to look after during lockdown?

During lockdown there are different days. Some days, the kids are so calm and happy, some other days they are bored and restless. They are also two completely different ages. My son is 4 and a half years old and my daughter is 8 months old, so they have different needs and they love different activities! During the quarantine my husband has been working and I have taken care of both children without being able to count on the grandparents, who although living nearby, we were unable to meet due to the restrictions applied in my city.

Have you struggled keeping the little ones in a routine during this time, if so, do you have any advice for other parents?

As the schools in Brescia have been closed since 23 February, we have set up a new routine, reintroduced the afternoon nap, longer baths, games, cartoons, household chores and cooking, anything to combat the boredom. My advice is to indulge the children's rhythms and their inclinations but also ensure to keep setting rules and limits.

Can you give us your three top tips for keeping children entertained during lock down/ isolation? 

    1. Let your children guide you in choosing the activity and the rhythms. It is still         important to set goals but ensure you do not force them in directions that are not natural to their personality as this is a difficult time for them too.

  1. It is important for children to socialise and sadly they cannot do it right now, so play with them and try and replace the gap left by not seeing their friends and classmates.
  2. Involve them in household chores, identify simple tasks and actions that they can do by your side such as washing a glass, putting the cutlery away, putting clothes in the washing machine, setting the table etc. They will understand the importance and effort of these tasks and feeling useful will gratify them.

Q&A: What it’s really like being a social media influencer and coping with two children during lockdown