The New Normal

The New Normal is a phrase most of us are now familiar with. It typically refers to our attitudes toward social distances and masks becoming a commonplace accessory, both of which are set against a backdrop of caring for our society’s greater health in the wake of COVID-19. However, the concept of a post-pandemic normal involves so much more, some of which may bring benefits, especially for independent online retailers.

This festive season, it is estimated that online sales within the UK will increase by over 34% on last year. While a portion of this figure can be attributed to ongoing lockdown restrictions, online shopping figures have actually been growing incrementally each year. As a result, greater numbers of new conscientious and creative retailers are able to better establish themselves online.

The demand these internet retailers are receiving is emblematic of new customer preferences. For example, 63% of shoppers now want to support independent businesses while eight out of ten are making sustainability-conscious shopping choices.

These customer attitudes mean that purchasing a loved one a gift online can be just as special. Seeking out and supporting smaller retailers, those producing high-quality and sustainable products can be a far more rewarding experience than high street alternatives. Purchases will also have a much greater impact, helping creatives and entrepreneurs flourish both locally and nationwide.

So, while there may stigma associated with the phrase, if the new normal also means greater support for independent businesses, then there is a silver lining.

Festive Feeling

At Isaac Anthony, it feels like Christmas has come a little early and, while we have been busy sending out seasonal orders, we’ve had the great news of having our ultimate baby gift set featured in Baby Magazine’s Christmas Gift Guide! It has been named one of the year’s most gorgeous gifts, celebrated specifically for the collection’s luxurious organic cotton.

This year, we have also become a new notonthehighstreet partner, which means you are now able to shop our designs on the website, making our childrenswear designs more widely available than ever before!

Christmas Gifts

We have made finding the perfect gift for new or expecting parents easier with our website’s range of Christmas childrenswear and accessories. Whether you have specific items in mind, like our new range of baby sleepsuits, or want to purchase a gift card to give a parent the pleasure of shopping our catalogue themselves, you can browse and purchase your item directly from us.

We also understand the value of giving and receiving special gifts that mean something personal, which is why we offer personalised embroidery with our childrenswear products, allowing you to add your little one’s initials or name to your purchase. 

Each purchase can also be accompanied by one of our sustainability made, decadent gift boxes. Simply add the box to your order, adding as many other items as you like, and we will package your order with our signature wrapping, delivering it for free!


The New Year

We are excited about 2021 and there is plenty that we want to share with you in the New Year. You can stay up-to-date with our work by following us on Instagram and, if you have any questions, you can contact us here.

Until then, we would like to thank our customers for supporting us through the year and we wish you all the best.

Merry Christmas! 

The New Normal