Washing Guide For Organic Cotton Baby Clothing

There are so many reasons why we choose Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton for our products, we could talk about it all day. It’s better for both the environment and the wearer - which is especially important for little ones, whose skin is more sensitive than adults.

Unlike other non-organic materials that are subjected to harsh treatments during production, GOTS certified organic cotton has the potential to last a very long time, being much more resilient to the type of wear and tear caused by kids being...well, kids. To maintain its quality and comfort, however, you have to treat it with care. Additionally, to ensure organic dyes don’t run  and spoil other clothes during cleaning, there are a couple of extra things to keep in mind during your weekly (or let’s face it, daily) laundry cycles. 

So, to help you get the most out of our organic baby clothing and give them as long a life as possible, we’ve put together a washing and care guide.

Wash Lights Separately

Separating light and dark colours during the first few washes is key for GOTS certified organic cotton products. This is because the textiles are not produced with the chemicals and ‘dye fixings’ that other companies use. While this means your clothing is free from potentially harmful chemicals, it does mean that, when paired during early washes, darker colours could bleed into other garments.

Careful Cleaning

You can wash products in temperatures of up to 60 degrees celsius before there is any risk of shrinkage, but for both environmental purposes and to be extra sure, we recommend 30 degrees celsius instead. When choosing detergents, we recommend choosing a product that is similarly good for sensitive skin. We pride ourselves on producing comfortable, snuggly soft clothing, and we want that feeling to continue for many, many washes. Don’t let your washing detergent spoil the day!

Dry Flat

While GOTS certified products can be tumble dried, they might not maintain the integrity of their shape as well. Instead, we recommend you straighten your children’s garments while still wet and dry them flat, if possible. This will minimise creases and stretching, and help keep your clothes in shape much longer. If you do decide to tumble dry, do so at a low heat, which places much less pressure upon the material.

Measure Your Iron

Ironing is absolutely fine and won’t cause damage when performed with typical care. However, we recommend that medium and lower temperature settings are used, since anything too hot can weaken the organic fabric.

Inside Out

Turning your clothing inside out has numerous advantages but it is primarily useful for helping prevent items from fading. Since GOTS certified organic cotton material is more sensitive to fading (as it is free from the chemicals that lock colour into place), we suggest turning garments inside out before washing to help maintain their vibrancy.

Isaac Anthony

If you have any more questions about product care, then feel free to reach out to us from our contact page. We would love to hear from you!

Washing Guide For Organic Cotton Baby Clothing