What does modern parenthood look like?

What does modern parenthood look like? Why more and more people are turning to less traditional methods to start a family.

We live in a world where being different has never been more celebrated, you just have to have a scroll through your social media feed or have a look at the most popular shows on Netflix to see the content we consume is diverse and the people we admire are now those that celebrate difference and unique character.

Along with this shift in society, we’ve also seen a shift in the different approaches to parenthood. The idea that families need to consist of a male and female parent who conceive in a traditional method is becoming something of the past, instead, there’s become a higher emphasis placed on the love and care the parent can give the child, the stereotypical family structure no longer reigns supreme.

One area that’s shown a real increase has been the number of women who’ve chosen to embark on the journey of motherhood alone. The most recent statistics showing women who have started a family without a partner has increased by a third in just two years. This could be down to numerous factors, one of the biggest changes in the last decade is the ability for women to be in charge of their own futures, whether this is a focus on their careers or on their wellbeing. Also, women now feel more comfortable waiting until they are truly ready without being on a constant search for a ‘father’. Thankfully women in society now are less bound by what they ‘should do’ and can focus on what’s truly best for them.  As well as a change in culture there are more viable options, for older or single women, you only have to look at Cameron Diaz to see the stigma of older mothers is something that’s on the decline.

Another area that’s seen a real positive change especially in society’s attitudes and awareness are the parenthood options for the LGBT+ community. Same-sex parents adoption rates have been on the rise for some years now with 1 in every 8 adoptions in the UK coming from same-sex couples. But adoption is also no longer the only option available, there’s now a variety of other methods available such as donor insemination, co-parenting and surrogacy, making it easier for anyone from the LCBT+ community that wants to become a parent. 

It’s clear to see that as we enter this new decade there’s become a new definition of family, and what this really means is people who love and care for each other regardless of race, sexuality, marriage, income or biology. Here at Isaac Anthony, we support all parents no matter how they conceive, as it’s the highs and lows of being a parent and the experiences that go along with it that truly binds us all together. 

 Isaac Anthony was founded by the extremely talented Natalie Shore, who named the company after her two sons; Isaac who suffers from eczema and Anthony who after he was born spent some time in NICU. Isaac Anthony strives to make adorable premature and 0-3 baby clothing that’s high quality, organic and accessible for everyone.
What does modern parenthood look like?