Why organic cotton is best for your baby

Is organic cotton really better than standard cotton? At Isaac Anthony, all our beautiful baby clothing is made from 100% organic cotton. This means you get breathable fabrics that are super-soft, super-snuggly and super-safe. But is organic cotton really better than standard cotton? And why should you choose it for your little ones? Let’s take a look…

Organic cotton isn’t made using any nasty chemicals

Are you surprised that standard cotton is produced using harsh chemicals? If so you are not alone!

Conventional cotton is grown using a lot of toxic pesticides and chemicals. It is sprayed with insecticides and bleached and coloured during the weaving process.

On the other hand, organic cotton is grown in soil that is chemical free. No pesticides are sprayed at any stage of the process. Instead safer methods are used to produce the cotton, such as crop rotation and using beneficial insects. Likewise, organic cotton isn’t dyed (or if it is, only with plant-based, non-toxic dyes).

We know which we’d prefer next to our two boys’ delicate skin!

Organic cotton is kinder on sensitive skin

Your baby’s skin is thinner and more sensitive than adult skin. This means that it will absorb chemicals faster. It also makes your baby more likely to suffer from skin irritations and allergies. By choosing only the best organic cotton, you can be sure that your precious little ones are wearing clothes that are kind to their delicate skin.

In fact, wanting only the best for your baby’s skin is at the heart of everything we do. Especially when they are small and fragile.

Organic cotton helps to relax your little ones

All babies deserve to wear clothes that make them feel relaxed, sleepy and comfy. And because organic cotton hasn’t been saturated with harsh chemicals, it remains naturally very soft.

With proper care organic cotton can even get softer with each and every wash. This helps to keep your baby itch-free and snuggly.

Organic cotton lasts longer

We have established that organic cotton is natural and super soft. But did you know that it can also last up to five times longer than non-organic cotton? Our quality baby clothes will last you for ages.

This is because the cotton used hasn’t been damaged by chemicals. Many happy customers have told us that their babies outgrew our clothes long before they had to throw them out! Just as important for busy mums and dads, our baby clothes are machine washable too.

Organic cotton is kind to the environment

As well as caring about your baby, we also want to look after the world they will inherit. Because no nasty chemicals are used in the farming process, organic cotton is far better for the environment and any surrounding plants and wildlife. It’s also better for cotton farmers as they aren’t exposed to any harmful toxins.

A full range of organic cotton baby clothes

We offer a full range of sizes. From premature and newborn, all the way up to 4 years.


An important feature that we wanted to offer with our clothing is personalisation. With our in-house embroidery machine, we offer each item of clothing to be embroidered with initials or a name and, with a variety of fonts and colours available, you can turn your purchase into a truly sentimental and personal item of clothing.

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Why organic cotton is best for your baby