The newborn stage is the establishing stage, this is when your baby learns patterns and behaviours, the difference between day/night and when/how to eat.⁣ This, often intense time takes weeks of setting a pattern but only weeks - which is a long and very important time in a newborn baby’s life, but a very short time of routine interruption in your siblings lives.
We live in a world where being different has never been more celebrated, you just have to have a scroll through your social media feed or have a look at the most popular shows on Netflix to see the content we consume is diverse and the people we admire are now those that celebrate difference and unique character.

In the second of our #RealTalk series, we speak to the lovely Alice Piers, a Midwife who is fairly new to the career but who has already experienced a great deal! She chats to us about everything from the first birth she delivered to her coping mechanisms for such an emotionally demanding job.

With the ever-changing fashion landscape, where trends and brands readily promote ‘fast fashion’ items that are produced unethically and therefore sold cheaply. All this creates the classic cash versus quality battle in your mind, and in the current climate, this is a dilemma that seems to challenge most of us on a weekly basis.

The first few days after giving birth to a premature baby can fly by in almost a dream-like daze, you’re surrounded by numerous doctors, visitors, and family but with your emotions running at an all-time high you can often feel alone, low and extremely worried.
The last decade has seen a massive change in how consumers engage with brands, they don’t just care about price, they now consider a brand’s ethics before they make a purchase. One of the biggest changes in the last 10 years is the popularity of leading an organic lifestyle and what this really means.

Family holidays are some of the most enriching experiences for you and your baby. They immerse them in new cultures and create a lifetime of memories.

For all their fun, many mums come back saying they need a holiday from the holiday! If you’re travelling with a young baby, follow our top 10 tips to make your journey easier.