Our Story

The founder

Founder Natalie Shore leveraged her background in retail at Selfridges and her degree in accounting to launch the Isaac Anthony brand in 2019. The idea? Sustainable, luxury clothing for babies and children, with a special emphasis on personalisation.

““When our son Isaac was born, it wasn’t long before we found out he suffered from eczema - it took next to nothing to make his skin flare up, and we struggled to find clothing that didn’t irritate his sensitive skin. Then when our youngest son Anthony was born, he spent some time in the NICU, and we were again surprised at how difficult it was to find gentle, organic clothing in premature baby sizes. 

Ultimately, we decided to produce our own clothing line to meet this obvious gap in the market. As organic clothing is free of pesticides and chemicals, it’s soft and gentle against delicate baby skin - it was the logical choice. And to meet the needs of tiny babies and young children, we’ve made our clothing in a range of sizes - from pre-newborn, all the way up to age 5.”

The brand

A truly family-oriented business based in Manchester, Isaac Anthony is named after our two sons. What initially started as a response to the lack of luxury, skin-safe baby clothing available in the market, soon became much, much more, as we realised the true depth of this need. 

Personalised baby items are increasingly popular, and there’s also a growing demand for organic baby clothing, but we quickly realised combining the two presented a huge problem. Organic babywear wasn’t available personalised, and personalised babywear wasn’t truly organic.

So, we changed it.

The mission

These days, it’s not enough for a brand to be labelled “organic”. That’s become a bit of a meaningless buzzword, and we wanted to make sure we weren’t following the trend just to look good. It had to mean something.

During our research for quality garment manufacturers, we found out about GOTS certified cotton. To become GOTS certified, you have to meet a series of stringent quality standards at every step of the manufacturing cycle - beginning as far back as soil preparation. It’s not just the fabric, either - the labour behind it has to meet ethical standards, too. 

For us, there was no other choice. 

To this day, we refuse to work with any supplier for our baby and children’s clothing that isn’t GOTS certified. To us, there’s no greater indication of quality organic manufacturing. 

Lastly, using our in-house embroidery machine, we offer a truly organic personalisation option for parents and gift-givers looking to turn a simple item of clothing into a treasured keepsake. When you choose an Isaac Anthony piece, you’re choosing a quality personalised item that’s safe for your children - from the tiniest premature baby, to the most rambunctious of 5 year olds.

Our mission is simple: to produce luxury, personalised, 100% certified organic cotton clothing you can truly trust, leading a more sustainable lifestyle for the next generation.

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