Size Guide

We offer a full range of premature sizes including Newborn all the way up to 4 years. All of our products are made using soft, breathable and ethically sourced cotton fabrics that are kind to delicate skin. 


Premature Sizes

Preemie Baby 1.5lb - 3.5lb
Early Baby 3.5lb - 5.5lb
Tiny Baby 5.5lb - 7.5lb


Newborn Onwards

Newborn 7.5lbs - 9.5lbs
0-3 Months Up to 12.5lb
3-6 Months Up to 16.5lb
6-9 Months Up to 19.5lb
9-12 Months Up to 22.5lb
12-18 Months Up to 24lb
18-24 Months Up to 27lb
2-3 Years Up to 32lb